Solid Ink is made of the highest quality ingredients available by Federico Ferroni, lifelong tattooer.
    We are committed to providing you with the most enduring pigments possible while using natural, safe ingredients.

    "I have a great responsibility when making this product, since I share it with colleagues that are at the top of their game, leading the tattoo industry, artists that have been tattooing for a long time and they really know what they want when it comes to quality.

    Choosing the right pigment is one of the most important choices someone can make when executing a tattoo, to guarantee that you can obtain the right saturation, brightness, and longevity.

    I became obsessed with ink. I realized that creating my color system, knowing exactly what I put in it, was going to lead me to create the best ink possible."

    - Federico Ferroni

    All products made in the USA.
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